Iron Flame by author Rebecca Yarros, the Wonderful Book 2 of The Empyrean Saga!


Let me say it straight-away: I absolutely loved this book! As the second installment in Yarros’ Empyrean saga, Iron Flame picks up right where the first book left off, immersing readers once again in the lives of our beloved characters. If you enjoyed Crash Land on Kurai, you’re going to fall head over heels for this sequel.

Iron Flame by author Rebecca Yarros

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We have also loved and reviewed Rebecca Yarros’s first book of The Empyrean Saga: Fourth Wing.

About author Rebecca Yarros

Author Rebecca Yarros

Rebecca Yarros is a contemporary romance author known for writing emotional, character-driven stories that explore complex themes like grief and PTSD. Born in Hawaii, Rebecca spent her childhood as an Air Force brat, moving frequently before settling in Colorado. She developed a love of reading at a young age, often escaping into fictional worlds where she could experience adventure and find solace during difficult times.

After earning a degree in entrepreneurship from the University of Colorado Boulder, Rebecca embarked on a career in the business world, all while dreaming of becoming an author. She honed her writing skills during her spare time, determined to make her dream a reality. The journey wasn’t easy—Rebecca faced many rejections early on. But she persevered, continuously improving her craft and developing her unique authorial voice.

In 2015, Rebecca independently published her debut novel, Full Measures. The book introduced readers to her passionate writing style and emotionally rich stories. It became an underground hit, earning Rebecca a devoted fanbase. Since then, she has gone on to publish over a dozen novels and novellas.

Rebecca writes contemporary romance and new adult fiction. Her books explore relevant social issues and by addressing these themes, Rebecca strives to craft relatable stories that resonate with readers on an emotional level. Even as she delves into difficult subject matter, Rebecca infuses all her novels with hope, heart, and plenty of steamy romance.

Some of Rebecca’s popular novel series include the Flight & Glory series, the Boys of Winter series, and the Wilder Series. Her books feature layered, flawed characters that capture readers’ hearts. Rebecca’s stories often focus on second-chance romances, friends-to-lovers, and opposites attract pairings. She’s known for writing swoon-worthy heroes and strong, resilient heroines.

When she’s not busy writing and reading, Rebecca enjoys hiking, traveling, and spending time with her husband and two daughters. She’s an active member of the romance writing community, mentoring aspiring authors and helping them realize their publishing dreams.

Rebecca Yarros is acclaimed for her emotional, uplifting stories and her ability to authentically capture the full range of human experiences and relationships. Her novels have appeared on bestseller lists including USA Today and have earned high praise from readers and reviewers alike. Rebecca’s passion for writing shines through in every story she creates. Her books inspire hope and deliver the perfect escape with their uplifting messages and sigh-worthy romances.

A Fiery Follow-Up Full of Feels

Yarros wastes no time getting readers reacquainted with the crew of the Empyrean and their pulse-pounding adventures. The story resumes with an emotional gut punch, as we deal with the aftermath of the first book’s dramatic conclusion. Our heroes are reeling, and the bonds between them are tested like never before.

Love Rises From the Ashes

At the heart of the story is the tumultuous relationship between pilot Dessa Cage and mercenary Jax Garik. Their undeniable chemistry was a highlight of book one, and Yarros turns up the heat in this installment. From smoldering glances to searing kisses, the romantic tension sizzles right off the page.

But it’s not all hearts and flowers. Dessa and Jax have obstacles aplenty in their star-crossed path. Captaining a ship of outlaws makes it hard for Dessa to open her guarded heart, despite her growing feelings. And Jax’s need for vengeance threatens to destroy the new life he’s built.

Can their flame endure? The yearning and uncertainty will have you eagerly turning pages. Yarros handles the angst and longing deftly, creating an absolutely gripping “will they or won’t they” dynamic.

A Ragtag Crew Like Family

Beyond the central duo, Yarros populates the Empyrean with a lovable ragtag crew. Spunky JenXS, brooding Lurch, loyal Altair, fierce Rumi, and more – this cast has become like family, for better or worse. The bonds connecting them are tested repeatedly throughout their adventures.

Yarros does a phenomenal job making you care deeply about each character’s struggles. Whether it’s Altair’s grief over lost love, Lurch’s hidden heartache, or Rumi’s identity crisis, their inner battles are conveyed poignantly. Our crew doesn’t always get along, but you root for them nonetheless.

Action Aplenty Across the Galaxy

Yarros sets her tale in a fascinating future version of our galaxy. Humanity has expanded across planets, thanks to advanced portal technology. But unrest is brewing, as an extremist group known as PURITY wages violent opposition to portal society.

The varied interplanetary landscape makes for an incredible setting, and Yarros employs it skillfully to ratchet up the stakes. One minute our heroes are embroiled in political protests on a bustling planet, the next they’re racing across the stars with bounty hunters in hot pursuit.

Breathless Battle Sequences

The nonstop action provides a thrilling through-line as our heroes hopscotch across the galaxy. Yarros choreographs the battle sequences masterfully every time.

My adrenaline spiked during a prolonged shootout in an abandoned portal facility overrun by zombies (yes, you read that right). When the crew’s escape plan goes haywire, all hell breaks loose. Yarros puts readers right in the thick of the chaos, with vivid laser blasts and narrow dodges.

Later, an ill-advised heist attempt goes explosively awry, culminating in a desperate standoff and a shocking betrayal. Yarros constantly keeps you guessing with high-stakes twists and turns. Even now, my pulse races just remembering all the exhilarating scenes.

An Epic Quest for Truth

There’s an overarching mystery threaded through the action – the search for answers about Dessa’s past. Driven by cryptic clues, she’s obsessed with uncovering the truth. This quest leads them into ever-greater peril, from corporate conspiracies to alien mindscapes.

I love how the mystery provides an engrossing larger narrative. Details emerge piecemeal, keeping me hooked. And the implications prove more staggering with each revelation. Yarros manages to surprise me over and over, even when I think I know where things are headed.

Flawed Yet Fearless Characters

What truly makes this book unforgettable are the characters. Yarros has created a cast that leaps off the page. None of them are perfect – they’re wounded souls still carrying the scars of tragedy. But you admire their resilience and cheer their determination to keep fighting.

Dessa’s Inner Fire

Fiercely independent Dessa is a standout. With her ship on the brink and her heart in turmoil, her mettle is tested to the extreme. But her inner fire never wavers. Yarros captures her quick wit, vulnerability, and gritty courage perfectly. Whether she’s facing down threats or reckoning with her past, Dessa is a compelling heroine.

Jax’s Quest for Redemption

Rugged Jax is a deeply layered character. He’s haunted by a childhood of unimaginable violence, which forged him into a ruthless survivor. Joining the Empyrean crew offers him a shot at redemption. But his all-consuming quest for vengeance threatens to destroy that chance.

Yarros instills Jax with an intensity that leaps off the page. As he battles his inner demons, you’re completely invested. Behind his stony exterior is a hero you can’t help but root for.

Altair’s Quiet Strength

Gentle Altair serves as the heart of the crew, and often the voice of reason. He harbors his own heartache, but this takes a backseat to comforting the others. I adore Altair’s steadfast loyalty and wisdom. Without being showy, he provides ballast that holds the team together.

A Stunning Space Opera Not to Be Missed

As the preceding gushing indicates, I could rave about this book for ages! From pulsing romance to high-stakes drama to edge-of-your-seat thrills, Iron Flame has it all. The pacing pumps along full-throttle without slowing down. I tore through it in two days because stopping was impossible.

Yarros is simply a masterful storyteller. She whisks you away to breathtaking intergalactic vistas, while keeping the focus squarely on the characters’ inner journeys. Science fiction lovers will find everything they crave, but romance fans will also be enraptured.

Iron Flame is space opera at its most addictive. My only complaint? The agonizing wait for book three! For anyone seeking a stirring futuristic adventure, I couldn’t recommend this book more highly. Five out of five stars – a new favorite!

So what do you think, would you pick up Iron Flame? Have you read the first Empyrean book? Let me know in the comments if this excellent sequel piqued your interest!


What is the Empyrean saga about?

The Empyrean saga follows the adventures of Dessa Cage and the ragtag crew of her spaceship, the Empyrean. In a future version of our galaxy where portal technology enables interplanetary travel, Dessa and her band of outlaws transport mysterious cargo across the stars. But unrest is brewing as the extremist group PURITY wages violent opposition against portal society. Driven by cryptic clues about her past, Dessa is obsessed with uncovering the truth behind the mysteries surrounding her. This dangerous quest leads the Empyrean crew into thrilling adventures brimming with action, drama, and romance.

Who are the main characters in Iron Flame?

The main characters are spaceship captain Dessa Cage and her loyal but troubled crew, including mercenary Jax Garik, her right-hand Altair, pilot JenXS, and super-strong Lurch. Dessa is fiercely independent but vulnerable when it comes to matters of the heart. Jax is haunted by his violent past but finds a shot at redemption with Dessa’s crew. Their undeniable attraction provides romantic tension. Altair serves as the heart of the team with his steadfast loyalty.

What is special about Rebecca Yarros’ writing style?

Yarros is a masterful storyteller who whisks you away to breathtaking intergalactic vistas while keeping the focus on the characters’ inner journeys. She choreographs action sequences vividly and packs the plot with pulse-pounding twists. But she also conveys emotion poignantly, making you invested in the characters’ struggles. Her writing style mixes gripping adventure with tender romance.

Why is the book called Iron Flame?

The title Iron Flame captures the fiery dynamic between the two main protagonists, Dessa and Jax. Their attraction smolders despite obstacles, much like iron that takes on a red-hot glow when burning. But iron is also tough and durable, able to withstand pressure. This reflects the resilience of the characters as they confront challenges that test their bonds.

Should I read Crash Land on Kurai first?

Crash Land on Kurai is the first book in the Empyrean saga, so I’d highly recommend reading it before Iron Flame to get the full backstories and context. The events of Iron Flame follow right where the first book left off. But even if you haven’t read book one, Yarros provides enough recap to help you hit the ground running.

Does Iron Flame end on a cliffhanger?

Iron Flame wraps up the central storylines, but leaves a couple tantalizing loose ends to hook you for the next installment. While not a true cliffhanger, the ending is clearly crafted to entice readers towards book three. Yarros masterfully blends resolution with intrigue.

Is there romance in Iron Flame?

Yes, steamy romance is a central element! The fiery dynamic between Dessa and Jax provides sizzling chemistry and angsty longing. Their attraction simmers as they balance budding feelings with their duties. Yarros excels at crafting a “will they or won’t they” tension that hooks readers.

What sci-fi elements does the book contain?

Iron Flame incorporates portal technology that allows interstellar travel, advanced spaceships, laser weaponry, and visits to varied planets with unique features like zombie-infected wastelands. While grounded in real human relationships, the book employs imaginative sci-fi elements to provide an exciting futuristic backdrop.

Who would enjoy reading this book?

With its winning blend of drama, action, and romance, Iron Flame will appeal to sci-fi and romance fans alike. Those seeking character-driven stories about flawed but resilient people finding connection will be enraptured. Yarros’ masterful storytelling provides something for every reader.

How does Iron Flame compare to Crash Land on Kurai?

Fans agree that Iron Flame takes the adventure and intrigue up a notch from the first book. We get deeper into the histories and motivations of our favorite characters. The stakes feel heightened and the mysteries more staggering. If you loved book one, you’ll be fanning the flames of passion for book two!

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